Sunday, September 21, 2008

We got visitors!

Its not very often that people make the trek out to Mundubbera...and I can't really say that I blame them! There really isn't anything much to do in town. But Mick's mum and dad came out to see their grandbabies and deliver the boy's birthday presents!
I tried hard to get a nice pic...but the next two photos are just two of the many I took in which Mick is pulling a dumb face...he managed a different face for each photo, which is a skill in itself I would think!
Finally, a semi decent one of Mick and his mummy
Saying goodbye...I covet the next door neighbours garden. Thats not a commandment is it?? The wife is safe, its just the garden...
And my Charli Beth. Does this kid ever take a bad photo? She is gorgeous, old house dress, unbrushed hair and all. Just beautiful.
Have a lovely Sunday my friends and family. Thanks for stopping by! Remember if you ever want to make the trek to Mundubbera, we would LOVE to have you stay!

1 comment:

jacqui jones said...

just like lilly, she never takes a bad pic either

looks like u all had fun.. :)
its nice to have visitors isnt it