Monday, September 22, 2008

Day One of Holidays

I know, wasn't it only a few weeks ago I was sharing about our last lot of school holidays!?!? *sigh* kids these days...LOL

We started our morning with a bowl of dry Nutri Grain in front of cartoons. Good times. Love lazy mornings. If we move to where we are thinking of, and I have to home school the kids, I think it could be fun!
And Charlotte practiced skipping. Apparently the tongue sticking out helps. She's good, Mick was mighty impressed when she revealed her wicked skipping skillz to him the other night.
On to some arty farty scrapping nonsense...

Its my effort for this months colour challenge over at D2u. Green, Orange and Cream.
Come on over and join could win a $10 voucher! This pic was the first family photo we had after Sammy arrived. Charlotte was being a little miss, so was actually holding two lollypops behind her back..hence the huge smile.
Hey look at this good looking couple! No wrinkles, thinner etc etc...
And the title is inspired by our new family of 5, not some old TV show which I was obsessed with, no sir! Anyone else remember this show???Mmmmmmm, Charlie.....

So thats me for the day. Off to play some board games...or something!

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jacqui jones said...

home schooling your brave
very brave...:)