Saturday, September 6, 2008

Five Fab Faves...the late edition!

Ugh, sorry guys...late....I was BUGGERED last night. Couldn't even be bothered to turn on the computer, so the fives got shafted until this morning...

#1...rain! Hooray, we got some! I love going to bed and listening to it on the tin roof. I love that at this time of year rain means cold weather. I just love the smell, the mood, everything. Love me some rain!
#2, kind of random (well, lets face it, most of my faves ARE LOL) electricity. I love it, and I never realise how much until I had a morning without it....yesterday our safety switch flicked off leaving us without power for a few hours...crucial hair doing hours in order to get ready for work...but I digress. Our electric kettle was apparently causing all the trouble. It was shorting out the entire house.
(and yes, I now see that my switches all need a clean...believe me, I am onto it)
#3...ahhhh my hair straightener. (I had to leave this uncropped to show some of the scorch marks on my dresser from when I forget to turn this off *heh* I know, I live dangerously) I had to go to work yesterday with wild, curly horrible hair. Not a good look on me. I love this guy.
#4 Heather Bailey PPs. Mmmmmmmm, I got this sheet in my Studio Calico kit, and it just left me wanting more.
#5 Family time. We don't get enough, and we always have fun when we manage to squeeze in some 'quality time' together. Anyone got plans for Father's Day tomorrow??? Seriously...I need some ideas!!!!!!
So thats my faves...although I really need to add that my ultimate favourite thing this week has been opening up my mum's blog to find that I am one of her faves this week. She wrote something lovely about each of her five children. I love my mummy.

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Jayne said...

love love love that shadow photo wouldn't that look great on a layout!!! might just have to take me one of those soon :) thanks for the idea!!