Monday, September 1, 2008

oooooh, excitement at our house!

I just almost burned the house down!

I was pre heating the grill, and it caught fire...YIKES! Luckily I was more alert than the smoke detector which went off about 3 minutes after I discovered the fire.

I got to see my dreamy fire fighter husband in action! I spent most of the fiasco running around looking for my camera *blush* (which had been put away, so no photos...the dreamy fire fighter hunk was too fast)

But all is good. The only fatality is my tea towel, and a slightly singed griller. Oh and the smoke detector which had to be beaten into silence...once it detected, it wouldn't let up, unitl it was knocked from the ceiling...


Marisa Page said...

So glad no serious damage was done.

Jayne said...

OMG glad to hear you are all alright!!!

Lauren said...

Ooops! Glad to know your house is still standing!

jacqui jones said...

oh dear
im glad it wasnt serious
hehe about the camera