Wednesday, September 24, 2008

200 Posts!

Oh my stars! Its been 200 posts! SO exciting :-) I figure its time for a scrappy give away:-) I know a lot of this stuff in the pile may not match each other, but I bet with it added to your 'stash' you could do something killer with it! I am still tidying up in my room too, so goodness only knows what else will get added! (three children anyone?!!?!?) And two whole packs of Core-dinations Cardstock. Thats right my friends...40 sheets.
So, all you Aussies need to do is leave a comment, and this is yours! (if the parcel arrives and its in a box the size of a washing machine, and there are sounds of struggling....its the bonus three kids, they will have officially driven me crazy Bwahahahah)

Thanks for stopping by!


danndel said...

Hey lovely SIL, your so generous count me in!!!

Kerryn said...

You are a BAD girl Kirsty, I'm sure the kids aren't that bad. hehe Great RAK BTW!!!!!

Jayne said...

Know what you mean about the kids!!! and school holidays has not started here yet :) Gorgeous RAK you are a very generous girl :) oh and congratualtions on getting through to the next round at SYTYCS. Your layouts so far have been stunning!!!

jacqui jones said...

wow 200 posts
ive had my blog for nearly 3 years and have only just gone over 200 lol...bad blogger i am!

your being way to generous here girl
but count me in.. :)

AJ said...

OI! You are rad...and beautiful...and stuff... and I don't even want the stuff... just thought you should know!

AGA said...

Very generous RAK!!! I'm not so sure about the kids though :) I have my hands full with my own little monsters atm!

Laura said...

Fantastic! Congratulations on the 200 posts! hmm... I have no idea how many I have posted... But what an awesome blog candy! yummy! I so hope I get lucky :).

paperpassion said...

Congrats on 200 posts! Love your scrap pages Kirsty they are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WOW 200 posts you chatty thing! Love all your LO's so wish you could come to Melb and we could have a scrap day eh?
PS I'll take the kids they could entertain Charlie while I scrap...couldnt they?
PSS this is Kate btw I cant for some reason log in :(

Chloe said...

WOWEE Kirsty! 200 posts! That's incredible work! Congratulations! Thanks for the inspiration girl!

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Kirsty,
Gee, what's another few loads of washing and a couple of kiddo's LOL, nearly got mine under control today LOL!! Wow 200 posts, WTG Girl!!!

Vesna said...

WTG.......200 posts.

Wow look at all that glog candy.