Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Faves...

*gasp* on a FRIDAY!!!! I know, I know...I have been slack.

This week I am loving...

#1 using ink on all my LOs, love it!
#2 baby bonds suits. I have had a few babies come in to the bank wearing these (no not on their own, they had mummy's with them!) Love babies in Bonds suits
#3 Pepsi max. Keeps my head from exploding, ask my kids!
#4 White Linen perfume. Mmmmmmm, My husband got me some for christmas..this has been my favourite summer perfume for as long as I can remember. I usually have a bottle (in the fridge - so cold and refreshing on a hot sticky day) #5 teapots. I collect them :-) I don't have any as pretty as this...I'd really like to add a few like this to my collection...I only have bright modern ones, would love some antique type ones.
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and let me know if you have posted your faves, I would love to see:-)


Jacki said...

hmmm very interesting, I have massive reactions to most perfume and White Linen is the WORST! On the other hand Marni collects teapots and has done since she was 3 or 4. We unpacked some of her collection just this week..
What started your collection?

N, K, D, E and Zoe said...

Love the teapot collection. The only ones I have are family heirlooms. I would love to see the ones you own now!

Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see your tea pot collection!!!I have 2 that were my grandmother' you ever use them???
Love White cool that you put it in the fridge!! Great idea...
Pepsi Max???? Is that like Red bull only soda???
Love visiting your always have great layouts!!!

Have a great weekend!
Joanie :)

Dena said...

Hey I am tea pot collector too! So get to sharing yours :) Mine are Japanese style teapots.
Hope you have a fabulous week girl!

Dena said...

Ohhh and plethora is a fantastic word huh! It is a fave amongst my family as well.
So is bevy. They go hand in hand ;)