Monday, June 2, 2008

Feeling decidedly 'pukey'

I had a horrible dream last night that I puked. I woke up and RAN! Yuck. I still feel pretty dicey in the stomach today.

I did however tidy up my little scrap room:-) I love finishing one project and cleaning it all up ready to start another.
And I found some shelves to put in my room. This house is huge, but has absolutely NO storage. I would love to get some cupboards built...but alas, this is looong down our list of projects:-(

And I whipped up a page for the challenge I am taking part in over at Scraploot. I had to get it done today, or it wouldn't have been done...I MUST start my assignment tomorrow, now that my darling sis in law Del has helped me, I don't feel quite so scared, thanks Del:-)

I am looking after one of Sammy's friends on Wednesday, and then Thursday/Friday is work. And then again, I MUST study this weekend. I am falling further and further behind as I desperately try and bury my head in the sand:-/

This is one of the corners of the LO. I don't think I am allowed to share:-( Here's a link though!!!


I hope you don't mind Danny and Del that I entered 'you' in the comp! I probably should have checked first...

Thanks Kate for the comments about my Friday Faves...I am enjoying looking out for things that make me smile, it keeps me from being grumpy ALL the time!

Love you all, have a fabulous week/day!

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foxylady said...

hope you are feeling better.
My favourite favs for this week are..
landing after flying
being at home alone
wine..any sort
Planning a HOLIDAY
packages in the mail
They are my quick favs for this week..didn't want to get left behind