Sunday, June 29, 2008

My ex - hot chocolate tin :-)

As promised, my ATC storage tin! I used Sassafrass Lass papers, which I loved, but was a tad scared to use on a LO. They seems SO busy...or something, but were begging to be used on an Off The Page item :-) The paper flowers were actually a sheet of patterend paper...I cut out three flowers from the paper for each flower, then chopped them into bits and used foam tape to make them 3D. I liked them so much I decided to use them on the cards that I made from the scraps :-)
I am now trying to make cards from my left overs AS I GO. If they go into my scrap box, the kids use them and they become, ummmmmm art????? LOL Sam likes to grab a whole 12x12 sheet of paper and make kites. Which I'll admit is fun, but really means my scraps need to be fully used up by me before they can go in the box.
So they are pretty generic, and kind of boyish which is good! Making cards for girls/ladies is a cinch, but men are TOUGH. They really don't enjoy lace and flowers on their cards...strange!
So I managed a tin and two cards from a sheet of cardstock and two sheets of paper...gotta love double sided papers!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday! We just had bacon and eggs and are still lazing around sipping on cups of tea. I suppose the dishes and washing need to be done at some stage....

Love you!


Kylie said... a box full day i may get them done!thanks for visiting

jacqui jones said...

love the tin and cards
thats what i do with my scraps...make cards first

u should try submitt some for cardingmaking, stamping and papercraft - emily and jane r always looking for new artist the themes r on the scrapbooking memories website