Friday, June 6, 2008

Five Fabulous Faves for Friday;-)

I have mentioned my whiteboard as a favourite another week, but I want to mention how much I love the random things I find written and drawn on there whenever I go into the kitchen. This morning I got up, and Natalie had been preparing a 'science lesson'. I love her spelling of 'backtearyu' (bacteria).
The whole family at some stage or another leave each other love notes, and little messages. Very sweet:-) Ooooh my wedding rings. I love them! Absolutely love them! (although this picture shows how scratched and dirty they are!!) I wear them and feel loved:-)
Charli's school photo came home early as she had been used as the advertising in the school office, so we scored an extra set of prints. I think its quite a nice snap of my girlie!
This conditioner is the best stuff in the entire universe...big call, I know. But, it rocks! Sadly, this jar is nearly has however lasted me almost 8 months!
I love is a small selection of my ribbon stash. I love how pretty it looks on a page, in the girls hair, and just sitting in the jars...My favourite ribbon, would have to be red gingham!

So thats my faves for this week. I feel this week its especially important to remember the things in our lives that make us smile...things that may be taken for granted.

Our little town has had two fairly hard knocks in the past week. Two young people have been taken from us, one a baby, not yet 2 and another a young man almost 18. Both entirely seperate incidents and both so devastating. I just can't imagine how empty these families are feeling as their deaths seem to have affected the whole town in some way or another. So please, remember these people in your prayers.

I love you all...give those closest and dearest to you an extra special hug:-)


foxylady said...

I was so happy to get up this morning and read your blog. i have been worried about you!!
Yes you are right about the things we take for granted love them and appreciate them always..
Al and I are off to Port this morning and we are going as ...SMURFS!!!!
We you

Dena said...

Wooo Hooo Kirsty! It is awesome to see someone else doing the five faves friday! Maybe we can start a revolution huh :)
I love your little tidbits and seeing the kids artwork. Gonna bookmark you so I can check out your five faves each week as well :)