Friday, June 13, 2008

Five Fabulous Faves for Friday!

First off, as usual, excuse the blurry photos!

I love when my kids first wake up in the, not the time they wake up...I love their mussed up hair their grumpy little scraunched up faces and their morning BO...not their morning breath though!
Mmmmm strawberry season is starting YUM!

I love makes me happy...I am trying to sneak more into my house. This weeks sneaky pink addition was table serviettes:-)

Oh my gosh...I LOVE parcels in the post, especially pizza box ones, cause it means there are such yummy scummy goodies inside!

I loved Friends when it first came out, and I am loving watching it all over again now they are showing the re runs. Every night Mick lets me watch the nightly episode while he brushes the kids teeth and washes the dinner dishes (and cleans the kitchen) This truly is a FAVOURITE!!!!! I really do have a fabulous husband!

Have a great weekend lovelies! Love you!


foxylady said...

OK 5 Fabulous Favs
* I will steal one of makes me so happy too. My poor husband just smiles when I buy pink towels and sheets and insist on pink curtains in the bedroom and a purple wall (cause purple is my next favourite colour)
*Whale spotting..yes its that time of year and I love spotting the spurt of whales as I come over the hill to go to work. I realise how lucky I am.
*My baby photos of my children. It brings back so many happy memories.
*God, reading my bible and praying. The thing that gives me so much happiness and peace..It should have been number 1 the first week
8 Friday night dinner. So relaxed and it means the weekend is here. O Yeah!!!!

Dena said...

Hey girl! had to come take a peek at your five faves today!!! I am sooo craving strawberries now. Zoe and I are going to go pick some next week :) so I guarantee that will be on my fave list next week.

I suckered another person into doing five faves on fridays as well today!!! I feel it spreadin baby feel it spreadin.

hey i posted today about making a little post it note holder or maybe a little altered notebook for keeping track of our fave things of the week. Do you want to make one for your list and maybe we can post them on our blogs sometime next week? I think it would be fun!

jacqui jones said...

i love pizza boxes too
esp ones from lime tart

Pound said...

ok i thought i was the only weird one- morning b.o.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that! :P actually ethan hasn't gotten to the stinky boy age yet, so he has "ethan b.o." all day long. mmmmmm

and i just got a huuuuuge box of strawberries. <3