Sunday, June 8, 2008

White With One

Another entry for a day I will shock us all and win something LOL (someone has to feel sorry for me eventually right!?!?)

The criteria for this entry....White as the dominant colour + blue + some paint effects Did you see those cute little puffs I made and showed off in the last post??? How cute are they? I definitely want to use these again!
Ooooh and lots of lace and fabric and yummy yummy ribbon!

So, I surprised myself by not actually using any patterend paper. I fell in love with all of the fabric at the craft shop and just went with it. This LO kind of has a real country feel to it with all the handmade stuff. And I am totally loving the blue! I was also surprised by how much I like the white. It looks so clean and lets you really go to town on embellishments without it looking too tacky (I think anywaysLOL)

So thats it! Thanks for looking!


AGA said...

Wow, this looks fabulous!!! So much detail - good luck with the challenge.

Aga xx

Scrapnmafia said...

This is just amazing!