Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So so proud!

Yesterday was report day at Mundubbera State School, and my girls did beautifully!

Natalie got a principals award, and almost all 'A's. Her comment from her teacher was lovely "Natalie always tries her very best. She is eager to learn new concepts, and is not afraid to let me know if she isn't sure of what to do. She is a pleasure to teach" .

And the principal " Congratulations, you receive my Principal's award sticker for your overall excellent attitude to your work and play at school. Your friendly smile is always welcome. Thanks you for being such a friendly person"

Wow! What a kid...must take after her mummy!
And Charli did so very well. Her reading grades were all 'A's, and she got lots of 'A's and 'B's. Her comment was lovely " Charlotte is a co operative student who shows enthusiasm for many classroom activities. She offers great ideas during class discussions and is able to work independently to complete set tasks."

And the principal " What a great start to your first year of formal schooling. This is a report of which you can be proud. Well done. I am particularly thrilled by your reading results. Keep this love of books going because reading is the most important thing to do"

:-D Not bad for the little girl who regularly needed bailing out of the classroom in her first weeks!

Thanks for stopping by! Sam and I have a Little Rd Riding Hood costume to make today....hmmm, never sewn a hood before!!!!!

Have a great day!

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danndel said...

Yay, way to go Nat and Charli, congratulations!!