Friday, June 27, 2008

I have been tagged!

By Dena my Friday Faves guru :-)

Ten Years Ago hmmm, I would have been planning my wedding, living in Hughenden and teaching grade pre/0ne. I would have been spending an awful lot of time on the phone as my lovely fiance lived 12 hours away!

Five things on todays ToDo list well, today is nearly over, so I'll do tomorrow...
  1. laundry (blerk)
  2. scrap (yayayayay!!!!!)
  3. clean (blerk)
  4. nap (Yay! But wishful thinking LOL)
  5. do a dump run (blerk)

Snacks I enjoy The shorter list would have been snacks I don't enjoy LOL My fave snack at the moment is french toast. If the world only had one food and it was french toast, I would be happy. Well, for a little while!

Things I would do if I were a millionaire HONEYMOON!!!!!!!!!! buy a house in Ballina near mumsy and dadsy, pay off all my brothers and sisters debts, buy a flash car and ummmmm world peace (LOL thought I should say something 'worthy')

Places I have lived Wingham, Old Bar, Taree, Lismore, Canberra, Hughenden, Mitchell and Mundubbera. I think thats it!

Soooooooo I tag Mum, Del, Danny, Bridget, and Jacqui


Pound said...

you crack me up!!! world peace :P

Anonymous said...

Ok so you tagged me thats is soo cool do i answer the same questions and then tag other people!!ahh help i have not been tagged before