Sunday, June 1, 2008

So when the heck did she get so big???

Suddenly my little baby girl seems so big and almost worldly. She comes home from school with jokes and little comments that didn't come from Mick or I...other people are influencing her!

Her teacher was at the party I took Charlotte to last weekend, and commented how Natalie seems to always 'get' the little sarcastic asides that the teacher makes...probably comes from her father and how sarcastic he is....*heh*

So she came home the other afternoon and told me this little story... One of the boys in her class was whingeing that boys never get the student of the week award and that they mustn't be good at anything. So Nat rolls her eyes and says to her teacher " I know one thing boys are good at..." (suspenseful pause) "Being dramatic!!!" LOL

So, she may be 'big', but she was still excited that we actually had autumn leaves!!! (anyone not living in QLD probably wouldn't understand this 'thrill' LOL. Up until now the only time that the kids have seen leaves like this was when we went to Canberra for Dan and Dels wedding)And look at how long her hair is now! Could this possible be the same little pumpkin who was bald as an egg for the first 18 months of her life??? I remember trying desperately to scrape enough hair together for pigtails, now look at it!!!

And these shoes!!! After she limped up to her classroom wearing size 10 kids runners for the school 'fun run', I decided she probably needed some new ones.

So I went to the local shop, and the only girly pair of shoes were in a size 1 adults. Not wanting to offend, I asked if I could take them home for Nat to try, never thinking in a million years that they would fit, and they a glove!

(hah, and how cool that they will still let you take stuff home on 'apro' here!!???)

So this is them, the big girl shoes. My little girl is growing up *sniff*

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