Monday, June 9, 2008

Blah Days are SO Fabulous!

I love days when it is cold and miserable and you HAVE to stay inside...perfect scrapping weather!
Well, days like this are good, when you don't have three little bored people nagging at you all day. By 3:30 we were all sick of the walls and each other, so we walked over to the park that is opposite our old house. Sam was desperate to show off his new trick - he can now slide down the fire mans pole!

And stoopid me forgot the camera GRRRRRRR...might have to have another trip to the park next weekend LOL

The assignment is started...only started mind you. I am still VERY unsure of what I am doing and if I am even close to doing what is expected. I have emailed the lecturer...a very hysterical email mind you! So hopefully some guidance will be coming shortly!

Have a great week all!

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Gizmo said...

Some great shots there Kirstie!! I know my kids get serious cabin fever when the weather's not the best!! At least you had a great time at the park!!