Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Sunday Post...

I have been smelling this lovely smell all day. I finally figured out that its ME! Yep, I bought new deodorant yesterday and its noice...

Micks mum has come out to visit us for the night. Her and Mick and the kids have all gone for a little stroll to the park. I stayed at home to cook the roast. And as usual, she bought a cheese cake *drooooool* , so its FEAST night at our place tonight! Wanna come on over??? There is HEAPS!

I have finally finished my assignment...well, I have 3300 words written down and they kinda make sense, in fact, I figure that its almost at a stage where I could hand it in and almost pass. Might fiddle a bit more and make sure its an actual pass LOL I seriously don't care if I don't get any grades higher than a pass. I am not doing this for personal growth, I just wanna teach again!

Oh yeah...I bathed the cat today. Hmmm, cats really don't like water do they? But he is now lovely and clean and he only gave me one scratch. Not bad considering he was terrified...although he does hate me now :-( I bought him a new leopard skin collar to try and make up for it (if someone upset me and bought me a present I would IMMEDIATELY forgive them) but he is still not talking to me. He did sleep on my desk whilst I scrapped though, so there may still be hope.

So, hope you all had as good a weekend as I did...I even got to sleep in this morning ahhhhhh heaven! Thanks for stopping by!


jacqui jones said...

arh i had a sleep in too, but it was after being up with emily until nearly 2am and still ending up with her in our bed...dont u just love the i can climb out of bed stage!
I Think u should get material and sew...i actually enjoyed it more than ever before, but i think its because i was playing and following no instructions

Pound said...

oy you brave lady, you bathed a cat? my cats used to go ballistic when i bathed them, i finally gave up. :P

and i've done that w/ deodorant too, only it took me longer to figure out what it was lol.