Monday, June 23, 2008

The next challenge...

For 123 is to scrap yourself! Yikes! I haven't had a photo of myself taken in the longest time. So today, Sam and I set out to take a half decent shot...hard work when you have such rough material to work with. I think I got one,
not a good one as such, but one that isn't terrifying (which some of them were, believe me!)...really wishing I had photo shop to fiddle with and make myself look like, well, someone else!
I took the shadow one in an attempt to scrap 'myself' without actually scrapping myself! LOL Not quite what I wanted though. Took a bit of getting used to the timer on the camera, hence the empty chair and the blur...see, I can be fast!
Then Sam...awwwww, so cute! So many of the pics had Sam's fingers, buzz or the cat in them. Seems that everyone wanted in on the action!
So, my goal is to scrap 'me'. It will be tough...I don't think I have ever done a 'me' page!
Thanks for stopping by!


danndel said...

I think its a beautiful photo of you Kirsty, would love to see the finished page!!

jacqui jones said...

send me a full size of the photo and i will have a play.. :)
by the way that is so not a scary photo of u!