Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sammy's first ever birthday party!

So, of course he has tagged along with the girls for MANY parties, but this was the first time ever that he got his very own invitation, and got to go without his sisters. He had the BEST time...he needed a shower when he got home (always the sign of fun being had in my opinion!). He was thrilled to get a party bag and a helium filled balloon:-) (I believe that the party blower may meet a sad and mysterious end tonight while he sleeps LOL) Charlotte got a birthday card in the mail during the week from Great Nana Scott, and inside was $5 all of her very own! So today while Sammy and I partied, they went to the local cheap shop to buy whatever they wanted!!! Charlotte chose (most appropriately I thought!) a princess tiara
Natalie (who had carefully saved her $5 from Nana Scott) decided to buy some snakes...not sure what motivated this purchase!!!
And I got busy making these yummy little 'puffs'. I have an idea in my head for a page, and it involves these cuties....I went to the local craft store yesterday in desperate search of white card stock and fell in love with all of the fabrics (the craft store is primarily a patchwork shop, with shelves of fabric that just make me drool!) I just so wish that I could quilt!!!
Today, was supposed to be a study day, and as usual I have done everything BUT. Tomorrow, I promise.......

Happy 40th to cousin Tim for this weekend...hope the party is GREAT! I hope that someone manages to snap some shots of my mum and dad dressed as Smurfs....LOL

Love you, have a great loooooooong weekend;-)


danndel said...

Your children are so gorgeous, we miss you all lots!!

I saw your scrapbook page of our wedding and loved it!!! We don't mind at all :o)

Love you all!

foxylady said...

O u r so talented. Love ALL your things. Just the fact u come up with the ideas blows my mind.
Yes we jad a great time at Tims 40th and the Smurfs had a smurfingly great time.
Long trip home today. Poured all the way