Monday, June 16, 2008

Some making...but not scrapping :-O

So I have been wanting some new hair do's for the girlies for school, ones that keep their hair neat and tidy and away from head lice (hopefully!) I remembered when my sis Clare was doing ballet and she had those cute little crocheted bun net covers. Of course, I couldn't find them anywhere (you'd think with all the crafty old ladies out here SOMEONE would make them!)

I decided they couldn't be THAT hard to I made two! And they seem to work really well! I shall see if they manage to tame Charlotte's hair for an entire far the only thing that seems to work for her is two braids, and she HATES sitting still long enough for me to braid her hair...little monkey!

And another Charli funny...She was chatting to Mick last night about mobile phones (yes, one of the kids in her class has a mobile phone *sigh) and wondering if he had one when he was a little boy. She was horrified when he told her that mobile phones weren't invented then and asked "Where you a little kid in 19 - olden days???" LOL

She's a funny little thing!

Poor old Nat found out some sad news over the weekend. Her bestie Perinne is moving at the end of the year. Nat is devastated. She really loves Perinne, and school has been made so easy for her just by having such a good friend. My heart is breaking for her, but there isn't a lot I can do...I so wish I could protect my babies from everything sad and nasty. Sending them to school is just plain scary.

Have a great week! Sam and I are baking a cake today and then going to play 'Robot Dinosaurs' GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (That was my best robot dinosaur roar!)

Love you!


jacqui jones said...

lol at that roar
and i know just what u mean about protecting them
lilly has a sometimes friend bella that she just loves...but bella can sometimes be just plain mean and try as we might to encourage her to other before the dreaded 3rd grade terrible girl thing happens she keeps playing with her...its so hard for them to understand friendships

Katred said...

Thats a lot of cardstock! Woo Hoo :)

You bought a tear to my eye about wanting to protect your littlies I know life isnt always rosey but heck why the hell cant it be for those we love the most anyway.

Love the owls too.

kirstypiper said...

Ooooh KATE!!!! Just the girlie I have been searching for..I can't get into your blog :( I am missing out on my Charlie fix!!!

foxylady said...

I am so sad Natty about Perrine. Ginny was very shocked. You will always be friends and you can write to her. Maybe you could both do a blog!!!!
Kirsty congrats on the card stock. Pretty amazing.
I too know all about the heartaches of being a Mum. Trust me!!! All you can do is be there for them