Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Crafty Kidlet Sharing

The kids all made cute little cards for Clare and Shane's engagement...How clever are they? A bit of handcutting some paper piecing and some punch art and .... VOILA!

I said to the girls "we should pop these on the internet" which they were thrilled I propped them on my keyboard to take the pic and Charli asks "Is that how they get onto the internet" Heeeeee...osmosis!!!!!

I am going to miss my monkey's's back:-(


Kerryn said...

So cute! Great job kids!

Phrog said...

I dont think my artistic talent will stretch to something as good as those, think I might get my wife to make some :) some call it cheating, I call it using all available resources :)

foxylady said...

yes i agree with Phrog..I use my available resource...Kirsty!!!!!
Loved reading your blog. Loved your song scraps and loved the kids cards. SO CUTE and LOVED what Charli said LOL