Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And I thought the mice were bad!

A few weeks back, I found a mouse in my scrapping room. I was horrified. But now, I am thinking he wasn't so bad...he never made a mess like these new pests do!!!! LOL Admittedly though, they don't chew any papers, and they don't poop on anything they shouldn't...well, mostly anyway;-)

They are creating again, today is felt puppets and pipe cleaner creatures...again from my mum's care parcel! What a sanity saver it has been...it has been too cold and wet to do anything outside, and the kids have been quite unwell.

Note that Natalie is still in her pyjamas, and this was taken at 1.30pm. LOL she decided this morning that she wasn't going to get dressed.

And this little guy is part of a LO I have entered in a 6 week long challenge at Scrap a While. I initially joined this forum cause the actual shop is situated in Taree - where I went to school, then this comp started so I figure I may as well give it a go. I am loving challenges at the moment!

Speaking of challenges....I won a prize over at Aussie Scrapjacked. I was in shock when Kerryn left a comment on my blog last night congratulating me...I had NO idea. The entries were amazing, and I am just bowled over..I reckon they must have felt sorry for me ;-) So quick go check it out before they realise their mistake and put the REAL winner up LOL

Have a great day...we are enjoying a cold rainy day...which may well be improved by yet another viewing of High School Musical and a hot chocolate! Love ya!

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foxylady said...

Just so great seeing the kids having fun and the maja pulling her hair out. You are so funny Ishy!!!!
Hope the holidays improve for you just be grateful you aren't in Canberra its freezing