Friday, July 4, 2008

Five Fabulous Faves for Friday!!!

Egads, its Friday again!!!!

My first fave is Winning prizes!!!! OMG, I have been scrapping for years, but have never shared anything with anyone. This year I vowed to start sharing some of my bits and pieces, and am stunned to find that some people actually like my scrapping! When I have my stuff in an online gallery, and someone leaves a comment saying that they like it, I get butterflies! Its so exciting...and this week topped it all when someone liked my card enough to give me a prize! AMAZING!

My next fave is watching the kids eat their morning porridge...they snuggle themselves around the bowl with their sleepy faces and rumpled hair and INHALE entire bowls in minutes LOL. So cute! Mmmmmm my ugg boots are a fave this week. I thought Mick threw them out at the end of winter last year (cause he thought they were hideous) but I found them! Buried at the bottom of the Vinnies bag I have been meaning to take down to the op shop for 12 months now *blush*. Hurray for procrastination!!!
I love my mobile phone. I love how it helpfully reminds me of birthdays, appointments and lets me keep in contact with my family. I love that it survives living in my handbag. I love that it survived a day out in the rain. I love that it is easy to use and battered and a little clunky. I love that it has no extra bits to confuse me...Hooo boy, I don't think I realised the full extent of my phone love until typing that out!! LOL
And lucky last...I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting blog comments! This is NOT a hint...I just love knowing that someone out there is reading and even better that they bothered to take the time to chat back with me!

Phew, that was tough...I am pooped! The kids are all coughing up their lungs, and are quite sick. I am actually a little bit OVER sick kids LOL!

Love ya! Thanks for stopping by!!!


jacqui jones said...

my kids r coughing their lungs up atm too
hopefully emily will get over it before we are snow bound! lilly has had it a little longer than emily and was much better today...fingers crossed!

foxylady said...

ok I have a bit of a cough too..but my lungs are still intact LOL
I have been telling you for years that your scrapping is great...but I am just Mum are fantastic and your sdrapping is great too

Chrissy said...

My 3 kiddoes are at various stages of the flu atm, I soooo hear ya on that front. Love your Friday faves, hmmmm, makes me want some warm honey porridge right now before bed.... YUM!!

Hope your munchkins are better super soon.
Chrissy x

Dena said...

LOVE YOUR LIST!! it turned out fabulous this week :)
I finally got mine up onto my blog. Thought I lost my blog post and about cried LOL!

Hope that everyone in your home starts feeling better soon. I am so glad it is summer here!

danndel said...

There must be something about Tyson's and Ugg boots, I usually have to surgically remove Daniel's!!

Hope Nat, Chari and Sam are feeling better soon!

Love you guys.

Pound said...

of course people like your scraps, they're awesome!!!

and i like getting comments on my blog too :)