Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prayers needed

My friend Jacqui Jones and her beautiful family really need your prayers. Their little girl Emily has been involved in an horrible accident. She is okay, but needs lots of surgery and recovery time.

I met Jacqui and Dan in Mitchell where we taught together. We attended their wedding on the Kookaburra Queen and shared loads of dinners, coffees and wines together. I visited Jacqui in hospital after her knee got dislocated in a sporting incident (*heh* sporting....well, there was a ball involved, and a game of some description!)

When I read Jacs blog tonight I cried, felt sick and got chills...and I can't stop thinking about them. So please, add them to your prayer lists. If you manage to get some time out to read Jacqui, hang in there honey...I am thinking of you :-)

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danndel said...

What on awful ordeal, I have added them to my prayer list and have asked others for prayers as well!!