Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some quick pics from this morning....

Nat and I bought the kitty a new bed yesterday. He actually used it last night! Instead of crying at my door to be let in all night he slept! And looked mighty cute doing it too :-) Nat dragged him over to her chair for a snuggle, cause he didn't want to be woken up. i thought they looked uber cute together!
And my Charli Beth. She's a bit cute too!
Sammy was still asleep...he is still pretty sick. And he is SUCH a BAD patient. Yikes! Must get that from me *blush*

Our day brings MANY trips to the dump YAY!!! (not) To the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump....

Love you! Thanks for stopping by!

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foxylady said...

wonder where you got that song from????/
Kitty bed is way cute. Not to mention my grandchildren