Thursday, July 10, 2008

I can't frakking believe it!!!!

They are sick AGAIN! Well, today its Sam's turn. The other day when Nat stayed in her jammies until 3pm she was saying that everything ached. Last night and today Sam has been crying cause his legs hurt...and everything else too I would imagine.

So today I am running on the memory of sleep.

And I have to go to work...somehow...

My boss has said if I can go down for 2 hours just so that everyone gets a break for lunch, then that would be fine. Mick is talking to his boss to see if he can come home for 2 hours to watch the sickies. Sometimes it is so damn hard doing this, who would want to be a grown up anyways?? LOL

I didn't clean yesterday cause I ended up with a spectacular headache...I made my last payment on my glasses (oh man oh gee I am getting old...GLASSES!?!) so they should be here soon. I just hope the customers all wiped their feet before going into the bank yesterday! I can't wait until the REAL cleaner gets back!

So, thats my whinge for today!!!

Thanks for stopping by, don't breathe in, you might catch something!!!!

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