Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So tired....

But so happy!

We had the BEST weekend EVER! I miss my family so much, it was so good to see them all! I have photos - of course - just need to put them on the computer...after I find the camera. Miss you guys SO SO SO much! I am plugging for us to go home for christmas this year...if Danny and Del are going then gosh darn it, so will I!!! Shot gun the double bed!!!

Got home to a WONDERFUL email! I have been accepted onto a new DT! Its a new online scrapping store Addicted2scrapping. So excited!!! Because its all new, not everything is up and running yet, but I am sure Michelle will have it chugging along nicely in NO time!!!

Mum and dad are on holidays...over at 1770. Lucky beggars. They may just find themselves with some visitors if they don't watch out!

Uni went back yesterday blah....I guess this means my scrapping weekends are over for a few months again :-(

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