Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My first DT LOs:-)

Have just put my first Lay Outs for my DT position up at D2U, how exciting! There are another 2 or 3 there, so come and check them out!

This first one was kinda inspired by Stephanie Howell, my fave scrapper EVER! My lovely friend Linda (also fabulous!!) introduced me to Stephanie's blog a couple of months back, and I have been enjoying her girly, beribboned flowery LO's ever since...daggy, but true, I was SO excited one day to get a reply in my email inbox from Stephanie....made me smile all day!! LOL Ooops, once again forgot to check with the person if it was okay to use their pic...hope you don't mind mum and dad! I love this one of you guys...taken at Dan's breakfast before his wedding :-)
Okay, feeling very nervous now! Hope that they have been done right and that everyone likes them! This may be my first AND last DT posting LOL

I did happen to put in an order with D2U the other day and holy shmoly...it was cheap, gorgeous AND fast! (okay...end 'plug' LOL but it WAS!!!)

Thanks for stopping by...better go rinse some buckets...

Oh oh! And I forgot to add...I won a $100 voucher at another store I visit! I can't even feel bad today with all the vomit and coughing going on, cause such wonderful things are happening! Best go buy a lotto ticket!


jacqui jones said...

i love the layouts

those photos of the kids r beautiful

Pound said...

well shoot, all those prizes you're winning must make up for all the puke right? :P great l/o too!!