Sunday, July 13, 2008

We went for a bush walk! lazy Sunday for us! We piled in the car and went for a bush walk in Mick's beloved National park. Now usually I miss these little junkets, as Mick takes the kids during term so that I can use the time to study. But, I am STILL ON HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after much arguing about which track to take...(3 guesses for who won!) we took Natalie's track. All the way down the gorge to the river. The kids like to climb over the enormous rocks that make up the river bed.
Yep...hard core, name it, we are IT! The climb down was pretty hairy in parts, but the climb back up was just plain tiring! LOL Apparently this is the first time ever that Sam has done the whole walk -well- walking! Mick usually carries him out. I don't know how...he's tough that man 'o' mine!
And I have a sneaky feeling that some monkeys may have gotten a hold of my camera and taken a few self portraits????

Have a great week y'all! Love ya, thanks for stopping by!

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Kerryn said...

looks like fun :) (no seriously!). the kids love it when we go for a mini hike. usually we end up with a piggy back or shoulder ride for DS.
(love the photos BTW the kids took. would make for a great story on a LO!)