Thursday, July 17, 2008

Five Fab Faves for Friday!!!

Yeash, yeah...I know, its Thursday, but seeing as I won't be here I thought I would prove my commitment to the Friday Faves Fabulousness and post mine early! How's THAT for commitment?!?!

My first fave is the reason I won't be here this Friday, I love that excited feeling you get when you are looking forward to something...and boy oh boy am I looking forward to something!!! I get to see all of my family this weekend to celebrate my little sis' engagement!!! Yep, this is her and her lovely fiancee Shane :-) Isn't she gorgeous?? Gets her looks from her older sister I am told!!! Bwahahaha...I couldn't even type that without laughing!
So this weekend I get to catch up with my mum, dad, brother and SIL from Canberra, Sis and fiancee from Brisbane, Sis from Ballina and Baby Bro and SIL from ballina...GOOD TIMES!

My next fave is related to my hubby...gorgeous man that he is. Not only can he create door thingy's with his bare hands..he separates the marshmallows for me! I only like the white ones (wierd...I know...) So he separates the packet into two lots, the pinks (eeeew) and the whites. He then manfully disposes of the icky pink ones as well. What a keeper!!

The kids are currently addicted to the X box. Sadly however they can't play. They happily tootle around the same level for hours on end, blissfully unaware that they are meant to be progressing through lvels or getting points. It also takes the 3 of them to figure it all out...How cute!!!
My next fave is Sam's singing, Its hilarious. He loves to sing...sings all day long. He 'knows' lots of songs...or should I say he knows the vibe of a lot of songs. He knows what direction the song goes in, and the story that the song goes, but dammit if he will be constrained to the actual words!!!

He sings his little stories all day long, and it is soooooo cute!

This week I am also loving the winter sun. I love sitting on my back steps, catching up with the kids or just watching them play...makes me soooo sleepy, and feels SO good after a freezing cold day! Bliss:-)

So that's me for the week! I shall be back on Wednesday with loads of pics and stories and happy times to share! We are planning on going to Australia Zoo (Steve Irwins baby) so I am sure I will have lots of scrapping fodder Ooops, I mean photos!!!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by!


Kerryn said...

Hope you have an absolutely awesome time with your family. I'm sure you will :)

Pound said...

don't you have bags of just white marshmallows there? :P we dont' have white and pick!

Dena said...

What a beautiful couple your sis and her fiancee make. They are both gorgeous!

Love the looks on the kiddos faces as they sit and wait for their xbox turn LOL

Awesome list this week and I hope you have a blast on your trip!