Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hump day

I can't decide if I love Wednesdays, or hate them...I usually have a fairly relaxed sort of day, but in the back of my mind is the thought "I have to go to work tomorrow"...I am so lucky that my working week starts just when everyone else is starting to see the weekend light at the end of the working week tunnel...but I really don't wanna go some days.

Thursdays and Fridays are when everyone comes in to whine about pays, and cash their wages cheques. Ahhh well, the busier we are the faster my whole two days at the bank go! LOL

Natalie is home sick again today. I say sick cause she isn't terribly well but then again I just had to call her down out of the mango tree, so I probably wouldn't exactly say she was sick. Maybe its more of a mental health day kind of thing...and sheesh, who doesn't sometimes need THEM?!?!

So here she is snuggled up in the cat bed with Super KittyThe other morning some annonymous three year old boy, whose name rhymes with 'Spam' tipped the hair water sprayer into my crate of hair pretties. I tried ignoring this. But it started to smell, BAD! So today I hung them all out to dry, and disinfected anything stinky. I also threw out things that had gone a little, um, mouldy. does stuff go mouldy in winter??? Methinks this is not the first time the annonymous 'Spam' has done this...
And here is the amazing Sam...discovering the joys of Nutella. Or as he says "Can I please have a chock - lit sammich" CUTE!
I don't know if I have mentioned Sam's habit of singing all day long. And how he knows the 'vibe' of the song rather than the actual words? Anyhoo, today favourite song is...

Ring-a-ring-of roses - Sung with the following 'Sammism' "The cows are in the meadows eating all the tissues, the tissues, the tissues, they all spew up!"

So, how are the Friday Faves lists going? I actually have mine mostly planned this week *GASP*, yep, with PHOTOS!!!!!! Dena, the Friday Faves guru and my Bad Girl hero (depending on how my Studio Calico splurge goes, I may well be tempted by a Bad Girl kit next time!!!) has scrapped some Friday faves! Go Dena!!!!

Love ya all, thanks for stopping by!

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