Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Park Party...and just a little scrapping...

The kids were all invited to help Lily Wain celebrate her 6th birthday with a party in the park. They had such a blast. There was HEAPS of yummy food (including some decadent Mars Bar slice) and fun games. The pinata was a huge hit, with EVERYONE scoring hepas of party goodies. Of course a trip to Bicentennial park isn't complete without a climb all over the train. Look at Charli...clearly used to mummy and the camera. She stops and freezes whenever the camera gets pointed her way! LOL
And these two monkies...Natalie was SUCH a great big sister. She helped Sammy the whole time we were at the party. Hard to believe that only HOURS ago they had been shouting "I hate you SO much" At each other!
And a VERY quick LO for Scrapbook Shelf. Inspired by an add. I also got the title for the Lo from one of the kids fave movies which was playing in the background (HSM2) "I need a Little that so wrong?" Well....don't we ALL need some fabulous????
And blind scrapping challenge number 3 for Addicted2Scrapping. I quite like this one! My little Charli Beth having her first bath! It was so nice, she was born right on change over for the midwives, and so they kind of forgot about us in all the commotion for 2 or 3 hours. This was the first time she was taken from me...this was when they also weighed and measured her. I got those first precious hours just drinking in her gorgeousness.
So that's about it for now...lazy COLD Sunday (YAY!) Thanks for stopping by!

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