Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Final challenge

For 123 DT challenge. I can't believe its over! I don't mind that I won't win, cause I have had an absolute ball doing all the challenges, and the other entries have been unbelievable. So who ever gets the position, really deserves it!

This challenge involved creating an off the page item for a boy. No bling (!!!!!!) and using recycled products. I made a wall hanging for Sammy. Its kind of a time capsule of him at 3.5. I have used the things that he loves doing the most...broken army guys (which were destined for the bin), beading, bugs, trucks, cars, board games and cooking.
I am quite happy with the way this turned out, and more importantly, Sammy loves it!
Mick is a little concerned cause I used his drop saw to cut the curtain rod *heh*...I had been asking him for days to do it, and no joy...I have no idea how it worked, cause i couldn't figure out how to take the safety thingy off, so I switched it on and jammed the wood into it...I kinda jammed it up, but I managed to fix it - I think!
Thanks for stopping by! Love ya!


Kerryn said...

Far out Kirsty! Just checked the full project at 123. OMG you have done an awesome job. (not sure about the spider though LOL). Good luck :).

Vesna said...

You never know Kirsty you might make it through. You have just as much chance as any of us that took part in this challenge. Your LO's, OTP and cards all look fabbo.

Good Luck