Friday, July 11, 2008

Five Fab Friday Faves!

Fave 1 : Online shopping with my Nat! She decided that for Clare's engagement party, she would like an outfit that was 'funky'. Not pretty and definitely NOT PINK! LOL
So her and I went to the Pumpkin Patch website, and put in an order for a suitably funky, non pink outfit...tell you what, it was much easier for her to convince Mick to hand over the credit card than it ever has been for me!!
She then also had to have boots, and a hat...the girl knows how to accessorise!

Fave 2: Baby smiles...awwww. They come into the bank, and give me these smiles. They are just SO cute. I keep wanting to jump the counter and give them cuddles, but I refrain...I figure it might get a little wierd... I had to come out from behind the counter yesterday though when newborn twin boys came in with their mummy. Oh man...CLUCKY!

Fave 3: School holidays...its been lovely. Despite the sickness and the rain. It has been SO nice to have my bubs all home with me:-)

Fave 4: French toast. My favourite food EVER. Love it with maple syrup and fresh strawberries. I also love that Mick makes it for me on Saturday mornings! YAY!

Fave 5: Scrapping classes...of which I have one tomorrow. Apparently we will be making a clear album. Shall return with pics!

Apologies for the lame no pic post. I am just too damn tired to get off my computer chair!!!

Love ya, have a great weekend!

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Dena said...

Mmmmmm French Toast! YUMMMY! I love it too. With tons of butter and powdered sugar.

Have a great time at your class, I can't wait to see your project :)