Friday, July 25, 2008

Five Fab Faves for Friday!!!

Okay...kinda struggling this week, so I thought I might share my five fave spots for inspiration! INSPIRED!!!!!!

This blog ALWAYS makes me want to go create!

This girl inspires me to keep up with my Friday faves...nothing like accountability to get you going LOL

This man is amazing. His story inspires me love my children and husband extra hard and hug them all just a little longer. I usually end up crying when I visit here.

This lady here is uber her scrapping

I love going here...always gets me itching to disappear into my room for days on end to play!

Sorry guys. I know its sucky and a total cop out, but my mind is full of life and trying to get back together after our fabulous weekend away. I promise promise promise not to suck next Friday, and to have a list packed full of friday Fave goodness...complete with photos...PROMISE!!!

Sorry inspiration here LOL


Dena said...

Hey girl! at least you got something up! That is fabulous :)
I managed to pull a post out of my ass as well. Hopefully next week we shall have better luck.

Maybe we need to do some kind of challenge like scrap one of our five faves lists or something. I have been thinking about turning the posts into a minibook of sorts.
you know when I find the time LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty, I just wanted to say I love your blog and read as often as I can. I too am addicted to Matts blog and usually end up in tears reading it, did you see the latest pics of Maddy smiling? So, so beautiful.

Keep up the blogging I love sharing your world


Jacki said...

no idea why I am anonymous.. will try again...