Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hawaiian Party - Tyson Style!

The birthday boy was ready and raring...perky cocnut shells and all!
Such fun.

We dressed appropriately... Although I'm not sure where the pirate idea came from...

And settled in for a good night. (hopefully Sam stuck to the non alcoholic punch in HIS coconut!!)

We decorated...

And made some scrummy food.

Everyone provided their fave party food (I provided a bowl of chips...its what i do ;))

Amy created a watermelon fruit basket...originally it was going to be a swan. Perhaps the level of difficulty was a smidge high???

She was going for faux Hawaiian tackiness...I think she nailed it!

Clare provided her cob loaf dip...YUM!
I believe that Sam ate 3/4 of the two dips provided LOL

My SIL Adele created some amazing pizza pin wheels and a Kahlua dip. Sadly, they disappeared before I could take a pic :(

Bethy made some gorgeous hawaiian pizzas...which I completely missed...doing a three beer (this is how many Mick consumed during the trip) ice run. LOL

An amazing cake appeared...created by a talented friend of the family...SO scrummy!

And there was limbo.

Mum was MUCH better at limbo when she was holding her own stick ;)

The next day, the boys all disappeared with their hangovers to Brisbane to watch the cricket and we cleaned up...well, actually I lie. My sis Clare had done most of it by the time we arrived, so we, um...tested the water quality of the pool. An important job post pool party...

Clare and Amy thought it was important to check for holes in our classy blow up hawaiian drink cooler. So they attempted to launch Sam in it.

Very unsuccessfully.

And we just watched, and admired the veiw.

And I started to dread coming home. I hate where I live, and I miss my family SO SO much :(


lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

I LOVE me a good party and that looks like a GOOD party. I felt like I was there as I viewed the photos. Sorry you are away from your family. I know personally that is very difficult.

Lauren said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. I'm hearing you about being so far away from your family. It sux doesn't it?!

:) Tiff said...

what a totally rocking party. great idea going with the Hawiiaan theme. I feel for you with the distance. It can make the heart hurt so much, especially when you are close as you guys are.

Felicity said...

FUN FUN FUN... thats what it looks like. GREAT photos, and yes I am with you about leaving family, mine live 18hours from me :( x

Kate said...

feels like i was right there with you reading that kirst! big hugs

Krissy Christie said...

Looks like an awesome party Kirsty!

Gorgeous piccies and {{hugs}} for you missing your family :( Mine are an hour up the road but all my others are across the world :( Its hard hey :(

Hope you are feeling better hunny

Krissy xx

foxylady said...

It was such fun. Kirsty you have done (as usual) a great job of describing it all. Down to the perky coconuts. It was great. And we miss you too. We could have so much fun if you lived near here.

Clare said...

At least move to Brisvegas so aunty Clare can spend quality time with the little folk!

It was such a great weekend! We all had so much fun! Wish we could do it more often!

Anonymous said...
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amanda said...

Wow what a great party!!!!!!! And what a lovely tribute to your Dad a couple of posts back :)

Linda said...

Wow looks like you had an awesome party! Lots of great piccies you got :)