Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thirty Days Of Me!

Wow..Day 20...a little sporadic, but I am getting there!!
Explain the meaning behind your Blog's name...
I originally started my blog as part of an assessment task for uni.
Then my mumsy started reading and commenting, and I figured it was a GREAT way to keep her up to date with the kids and my everyday comings and goings. And she loved it. I named it Just Us, because it really was simply, just about *us*. Originally there was no 'scrapbookery', it was just family junk. I didn't think anyone else would be interested...and then I started getting comments from people other than my family :O
And then i was addicted ;)

So even though, there is now 'scrapbookery' mixed in between the boring family junk, its still just about *us*

In all our boring, nothingness. Which I love. I love the nothingness. The hanging out with my favourite people.

And yeah, I love the comments ;)


:) Tiff said...

Kirsty. those pics are soo sweet. and yes blog are a great way to keep family in touch, especially big distancdes are involved!!

Leanne said...

Omgosh!! Thise photos are gorgeous!! And I'm thinking I actually started my blog for the very same reason and it ha just evolved!!! LOL!! (or mutated!!) Have a great day Kirsty...x

Kate said...

i love your blog!

Alanna said...

Hi there. I wanted to start my own "30 days" but I can't find where I saved the link...

Could you fill me in in what the 30 days are?

Thanks! Gorgeous pics too!

Phrog said...

And we love your blog too, heck you got us all started on them, you're such a nerd hahaha(look who's talking). Love you Ishy.

Kerryn said...

Beautiful beautiful photos. I do love that one of your Mum too.

BTW Thank you so much for what you said on my blog love. It means alot.