Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scrappy fun :)

Oh yes...I played.
Krissy sent me this gorgeous vintage kit from Wicked Princesses *sigh*
I love this kit.
My fave part is Krissy's vintage blossom. And in true 'Kirsty' style, I haven't used it yet. I do this. I buy something I love and then 'save' it. For forever. Until I forget why I saved it...but rest assured, I am working on another LO which WILL have the blossom....or not ;)

I made twisty roses out of sewing patterns :)
I love the soft tissuey feel of my old sewing patterns, so I figured they would be perfect for flower making!

Unfortunately the humidty meant my crackle paint didn't crackle quite the way it shoulda. Ah well...
And this quick, simple LO, that really is all about the journalling.

I wanted this story recorded before I forgot. I forget quickly....

And a pop dotted butterfly:)
Go check out Wicked Princesses to see the new Apple Jack and Nerdy Bird kits...WAY cool!


Kate said...

gorgeous work from that gorgeous kit kirst! i laughed when i read about you saving the flower 'for forever'. too sweet xox

Tracey said...

Those twistie roses made from sewing patterns are gorgeous Kirsty and I adore that quick, simple LO, stunning. :)

Krissy Christie said...

Stunning work with the kit Kirsty!It had your name all over it when I designed it :D I knew you would work your magic on it :)

LOL @ keeping the flower for forever I might have to send you some more so you can have a play ;-)

Love the story on the LO its so gorgeous :)

Krissy xx

Linda said...

oooohhh that kit looks gorgeous & I love what you've done with it! The twisted roses are just gorgeous.

LOL @ buying yummy things & then saving them....I used to be bad at that too - but I'm getting better!!! so there is hope...LOL

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous work! Love how you've created the background on the first layout. Such a sweet story in the 2nd layout. I love recording those little moments.

Chloe said...

Wow Kirst! These Los are amazing! Great work!

foxylady said...

O my gosh. Ginny had a beautiful cry. ....again. I figure the way they worked out how to go to Uni was way cool. Thanks for the story. Missed your 5 favs this week

Jane said...

so glad I popped onto your blog :) super inspiring and just love those roses you made - cool idea :)