Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two of my Favourite People

Share a birthday today! My mum (who apparently turns 36 today...how old does that make me then???) and my big girl Nat :)
Yes, I gave birth to my mother's first grandchild on her birthday
I have skills.

Nat made us into a family...
And I am ever so grateful for that. She has been so patient and loving with me whilst I try and figure out this crazy parenting gig.
And today she turns 9. Next birthday? Double digits...oh my!
So happy birthday to my young mum, and my old daughter ;) The twins....

(Just a quick snap from Nat's weekend sleepover)

And one of my gorgeous 9 year old!
Happy birthday ladies!


Phrog said...

Happy Birthday Nat. I too am worried about my true age, considering my birthday is only a week away!!!

danndel said...

Happy Birthday Nat, hope you have a wonderful day and enjoyed your sleepover on the weekend xxx

Felicity said...

happy birthday to Nat and your mum, hope they have GREAT days :)

foxylady said...

Great blog and its true...she made all of us a family..happy birthday. btw..ucky picture

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Beautiful photo's and big Happy Birthdays to both your special ladies xx