Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Mail!

Oh my stars, today has to count as the best mail day EVER!

First up I saw this..... :-O

Then I opened this....
From the gorgeous, generous Kristal!
And then this....

From the lovely Princess Kate!
I am completely blown away by the gorgeous parcels! I signed up for the RAK thread over at WP, and have since received I think 5 parcels! Brightens me up no end to get these goodies in the mail, and these girls KNOW exactly what I like! Look at the laces in Kristal's parcel and the buttons in Kate's...
I really MUST get onto repaying my beautiful princess RAKers!
And my poor puppy.

Just this week she became *ahem* a lady dog.
And I am NOT ready to be a grandma, so a quick trip to the vet for the big op was in order.
She is still very groggy, and I am not sure if she will ever *speak* to us again. She is in her fave spot, under my feet at the computer, so we have made her comfy with a doona and some little treats (chopped up chicken breast anyone???) spoiled little thing!
And I am sorry, but once again in case you missed it the first time....a HD+!!!!!!

One more assignment due before a 2 week break! WOOT!
Thanks for stopping by!


Wendy Smith said...

that is an awesome effort Kirsty...well done

I wish we lived closer, we could have bred out 2 cute little puppies before she got the snip!

Krissy Christie said...

WTG Kirsty!!Fandabbydosey job on that assignment :D

Yay for the fabulous princess RAKers!Arent they gorgeous :)

Krissy xx

:) Tiff said...

big happy dance for ya chick.
HD+ is absolutely unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so glad you've had a good day.

danndel said...

Wonderful news!!! You are awesome, well done :o)

Sweet Tea said...

You are absolutely "bubbling" today; Love that.

Poor little Poochie Girl. She's getting the royal treatment as well she should. Great photo!

Kerryn said...

Well done you!!!! Hope you have celebrated properly!!

Barb said...

Great news, things are on the up:)!!!!!