Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Crap

Yesterday I dinged the car.
Nothing serious, no-one was hurt, except my car.
I quickly threw the kids in the car, and just as I went to reverse the car out of the garage, Sam swung his door open, and it connected with the centre support of the garage. While I kept moving.
Nearly ripped the door off :(
It looks nasty. So nasty I couldn't even bear to go down and take a pic...these pics are from when we first got the car. Back when it was shiny and un-damaged ie back before I took control :( I was dreading telling my husband. I knew he wouldn't be angry, but with the bills we have I knew he would be upset.
Do you know what he said?
"Its okay, we are a team, we'll sort it all out"
And that was it.
No recriminations, no sighing, no sideways glares.
I wish I was as good a wife as he is husband, cause I don't think I could have been so loving in that moment. I would have been angry. I need to remember this.
Soooo, if you happen to be in Mundubbera and see some crazy lady sliding across to the drivers side from the passenger seat with her rear door secured with rope, say hi to me, maybe shout me a coffee LOL...I'll be saving my pennies for my insurance excess!


Felicity said...

:( about the door.
Your hubby sounds just like mine, not a care at all.


Linda said...

oh no - you poor thing!
Glad to hear that your hubby wasn't upset. Hope it's not too expensive to get fixed!

Sarah Lou said...

ouch for the poor car. Glad your hubby was good about it. have my hope its not to much to fix fingers crossed for you

Kerryn said...

oh bugger! You definitely have a one in a million fella there though!!

Kate said...

i would cry :( LOL poor darl xo

Barb said...

I did something like that when I was pregnant!! I was terrifed to tell Ben and he was oh well its just a car:) I dont think I could be that calm

Marcy said...

I am glad you are alright, only bruised your pride. Did you do what I did? rang up crying "I've had an accident with the car, I'm so sorry" in a distraught voice and by the time I stopped blubbering he was so relieved no one was hurt and it was just a fender bender I actually got pacifiying words to calm me down (bear in mind DH isnt an orgre but the car was brand new!So I thought he'd roast me!LOL) I made a mental note afterwards but luckily I havent had to employ this as tactical ploy since! LOL

:) Tiff said...

as soon as you mentioned a rope around the door I had this visual of Mr Bean (do you know the episode I'm thinking of?).

seriously bad luck chook. thank goodness your son didnt still have his hand on the door handle... that could have been so much worse than a mangled door.

and yes, you do have one in a million man.