Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was having such a GOOD day

And then, suddenly, I wasn't.
It was my first okay day.
The first day where I didn't lie in bed for half an hour crying before I faced the day. The first day where I actually felt like I could cope with things.
I got the kids packed up and off to school.
I even did some housework.
And then suddenly my grief raced around the corner and punched me in the stomach. Yeah.
Just like that, my good day was done.
Real life is really starting to intrude. I have to go back to work this week, and I am in serious panic mode. My boss rang to ask me about my Christmas holiday plans and it once again hit me that mum, 'Little Miss Christmas' herself wasn't going to be there.
How are we meant to do Christmas without her?
Mick is away, so we are in survival mode. I won't tell you what we are eating for dinner. I'm pretty sure however, that you can't get scurvy in a week. Besides, surely tomato sauce has enough vitamin C to keep it at bay??
See, mum would have known that.

Random story...behind mum and dad's house was a passionfruit vine growing over the fence. The owners were meanies and wanted all the passionfruit for themselves.
One sister had written on their first sign that seeing as how the fruit was hanging over the fence onto a public footpath that the fruit was common property.
The owners took that sign down.
And replaced it.
We wanted to do a letterbox drop with passionfruit recipes and a map to the never ending supply of passionfruit, but we had to go back home :(
A few days after we got back to our own homes, Mum texted and twittered us this photo in a panic. "What do I do"???? She asked!

So in the dead of night, she and Molly tiptoed around. Pen and torch in hand, and did this.

Heh. please use gloves.
technically **not** touching ;)
The Twitter that followed? "Mission accomplished...commando rolls included"

I miss my mum.


Tam said...

Precious girl,
I so wish I was near you right now..just to sit a while with you...nothing I say will ever make it ease the pain, and nothing anyone can do will ease it either..
But please take comfort that while you sit and reminisce in the memories of what I from an outsider can see was an extra special amazing incredible lady that she is beside you each and every moment of the day...There is no "time frame" honey, no "right or wrong" way to go through the motions right now, it's just a heart breaking live in the moment journey...one that any one of us wish we could ease for you.
Keeping you in my thoughts and my heart Kirst.xoxoxox

Krissy Christie said...

Awww sweetie :( Sending massive hugs to you lovely

Krissy xx

Kerryn said...

I'm so sorry for the pain you are feeling right now. Take comfort from those good memories, as much as they hurt, they will help too.

Thinking of you love.

Phrog said...

Commando mission to the Passionfruit vine booked in at christmas. I survived for years on tomato sauce, kept my vitamin levels up.

Kate said...

big hugs darling girl xox
p.s. i had a chuckle about the passionfruit and the tomato sauce scurvy haha

Josie Dean said...

Hugs Kirsty!

Just take your time!

Love the story about the passionfruit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty..Long time away for me. I have been super crazy busy...then your post popped up on my Blog...I am sending you {{HUGE HUGS}} and strength.. I am so very sad and sorry to hear about your mum. My heart goes out to you and your family... :( I will check back often ok...just do what you feel like doing...little bits here and there.. Again, I am so very sorry my friend.

Take care..
Joanie :)

AJ said...

I love you!

Marisa said...

Sending you lots of hugs Kirsty!

Love the passionfruit story...

jacqui jones said...

i love the story
such a good memory to have

i can see that story being shared for years to come.

we lived a year without much thought into what we were eating, and were still ok, your safe..:)


Teresa Dawn said...

Haha, I love the passionfruit sign. If they want to keep the passionfruit to themselves they need to contain it to their yard!

Julie said...

Just love that passion fruit story Missy.

Big bug hugs from me out here too.