Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its hard.

I currently have sitting in my email inbox a proof copy of what will be on my mums plaque to mark her grave.
It doesn't seem right that such a vibrant amazing woman's life can be *summed up* in just a few lines.
I hate this.
I am finding it hard to even read what has been written. I wanted nothing to do with choosing what went on this plaque. I knew that my dad and my brothers and sisters would choose something that was just right.
And they have.
I still don't like it though :(
I am amazed each an every day by how brave my dad is being. He would tell you he isn't, but he so totally is.
For him to get up each day is brave, when the love of his life has been taken.
But to go and arrange things like this, is beyond brave. He is amazing my dad.
Truly amazing. (even if he did let my mum talk him into that hat ;) LOL)


Kerryn said...

He certainly is an amazing man (despite the hat ;) ). Take strength from his strength.

Kate said...

ive said it before and ill say it again, what a beautiful couple they are together and so in love. ive been thinking about you and your family a lot darl. xox

Sarah Lou said...

hugs from our family to yours

Krissy Christie said...

Sending massive {{huggles}} to you and your gorgeous family chickie xx

Krissy xx

danndel said...

Yep he sure is amazing and brave, and you know what, so are you!!!