Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Merry and Bright!

This new Christmas range from KaiserCraft is great...makes scrapping christmas photos from ANY era a snap ;) See...even dreadful photos from the 1970's! LOL

Hah...mum, dad and I were clearly very very cool ;)

I got these photos from mum and dads garage, and sadly mould had attacked I scanned them and cleaned them up as best I could, but they are still not great. Any tips for dealing with mouldy old photos?

And I have used the last two pages to write down some of my favourite Christmas memories and traditions. So when the kids are older and wanting to pass on the crazy things we do, they can see where the traditions come from ;)
I found this quite a difficult project to complete, not in terms of product or photos, but emotionally. Mum loved Christmas, and her fingerprints are all over what I now do with my own kids.

Thanks for stopping by ;)


Kate said...

such an awesome mini album Kirsty, I love it!! such a gorgeous way to preserve those chrissy memories :)
Big hugs xoxo

Tanya Tahir said...

oh what a beautiful keepsake :)

Hill St Friend said...

Did your Mum tell you that we made Christmas cards/books on their back table, in Hill St, out of old Christmas cards,we cut out,glued,and were very creative, I have kept one, very precise.That was what we did every year, many years ago now!So I guess we were scrap-booking then but didn't have a name for it.Thinking of ya.

Teresa Dawn said...

Very neat :) And I am so looking forward to Christmas now!