Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some news I can FINALLY share!

My mum loved kids.
She was awesome with them.
She adored her Grandbabies, and was a Ginny to so many other kids through her story time activities at the Lismore library :) This is her, at her one and only Story Time session in Charter's Towers.

Which makes my brother's incredible news a little bittersweet.
The week after she died, my brother Danny and his beautiful wife Adele found that they were going to be having a baby!
(I know..I kept this quiet for SOOOO long!)

Yep, I am going to be an aunty for the first time!

We found mum's prayer journals...she has been praying for this baby for years. And, in true 'mum' fashion, she even shopped for this precious little bundle. We found his/her first Christmas outfit stashed away in her boxes of had survived two moves and a monster garage sale! So precious.
Mum would have been so very very excited to meet this little baby.
I figure, that I am going to have to shop and spoil on her behalf...which sounds awfully fun to me :)
Thanks for stopping by and sharing our happy news!
Have a great weekend!


AJ said...

I like this blog alot!

This baby will be so spoiled by us :)

Lauren said...

Aww that's just lovely! Congrats to your brother and SIL! And congrats on being a first time aunty! Babies are meant to be spoilt, aren't they? :)

Kerryn said...

Oh that is just wonderful news for your family. Congratulations to your brother and SIL. I am sure this little one will be very spoiled indeed :).

Leanne said...

Oh! How wonderful!! Congrats "Aunty"...x

Kate said...

such wonderful news kirst i am so happy this wonderful gift of a baby is going to be a part of your beautiful extended family :) im sure you mum is going to be watching!!! xox

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsty,


Love you, hope your doing ok, love your blog, and I miss mum heaps!!

Praying for you each day, your an amazing mum, cause you learnt off the best mum ever! :)


p.s. my verification word is bushma! raaaaahhhh

:) Tiff said...

so glad to hear a ray of sunshine happening for you.

so very glad.


Sar said...

That is awesome news! This baby is coming into your lives for a reason. Such a blessing. xoxoxo