Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Faves!

#1 this week is our family shopping trip..... To Bundaberg!
So much fun to hang out together and to finish our chrissy shopping!!!
#2 is Christmassey secrets! Love it! There is so much whispering and quickly hidden parcels and just that general excited giddy 'secret-ish' feeling happening!

#3 Loving October Afternoon's Very merry collection.

So cute!

#4 Puppy smell. Oh man. She smells SOOOO good!

#5 these bowls I bought from Target. I stupidly only got three though!?!? odd number! I have no idea why?!?!?


Krissy Christie said...

Oooh love those bowls Kirsty!

I love the secret christmas business too :D That and doing the "wait til you see what I got you" to everyone lol

Krissy xx

Felicity said...

I am in love with all your Fav;s this week!!! every sinlge one of them!!
we are going to Bundy next Friday for Christmas and thats where I will do my Christmas shopping. Was the Christmas photo at Bundy too? I need to find Santa!!!
:) x