Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Craftiness :)

I really wanted to give the kids swimming teachers a little something. So we decided to give them some of the scrummy yummy choclate coconut balls that the kids made...but they needed some cute packaging!

I had two of these tins lying around... So I made these.....
Both with a matching card :)

And filled them with these....

Yummy! I hope they enjoy them a fraction as much as the kids have enjoyed their swimming lessons this year!


Anonymous said...

wowsers chook, i wish i as their swimming teacher lol, they look awesome!!!

foxylady said...

yes why did i not have Mothers like you in my storytime group..although I must admit home baked goodness does not go down so well with case little noses etc have come in contact.. They really look awesome

Tanya said...

oooh YUM! These look YUMMO. And so does the packaging ;)

mandysea said...

Wow - how fab is these tins and the cards are gorgeous!!

Have you checked Let's Get Shabby'?

Have a great Xmas!!

Renee said...

Oh wow! What a scrummy gift! Loving the tins too.

Happy New year!
Renee xox

Brigitte G. said...

Aweeesome altered boxes kirsty !!
(they come handy ! decorated a coffee tin one, everyone loooved it !!)
and love the bright xmas colours you've chosen here !!
well done !!