Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Only 3 more Sleeps!

The Advent Calendar is nearly done.... So, last night Mick and I got all the presents out of the cupboard and various hidey holes, and discovered something not good.
The piles look decidedly un-even! money wise they are about the same, but quantity???? Not so even.
Normally we would be away from Mundubbera, and close to multiple stores by this time in the festive season. I would just pop to the shopping centre and make the piles more even...but we aren't near stores. And I can't just 'pop' to the shop....
This guy has HEAPS! Boy toys are so much fun and his numerous obsessions make him easy to buy for!

This girl seemed tricky to buy for, but her pile looks fairly healthy (admittedly I did wrap every single, toy, book and DVD seperately) Add her new bike to the pile and we are good to go!

But this little possum....her pile looks small. The pile does include an MP3 player and speakers, but those things are TINY. They don't look like much. I mean the other two are getting BIKES! (she got a brand new bike last year and it still 'fits' perfectly)
I am thinking I may need to beef out her pile with a few lip glosses and nail polishes....

I dunno. I agonise every year about the quantity of their gifts, when really, it usually takes about 2 minutes to decend into absolute mayhem on Christmas morning....and they have no clue as to how many gifts they received LOL

Have a great day my lovely friends! Thanks for stopping by and humoring my little gift panic attack!


Lauren said...

Unwrap the small ones and place them in bigger boxes then wrap them again. That will fix it!

Don't panic - they probably don't even notice it.

Have an awesome Chrissy! :)

Kylie said...

Oh Kirsty! How I wish I was a kid growing up in your house. You are the most amazing mother!
We don't 'do' christmas nearly as much as you and this may seem very daggy but have you though about bulking out gifts with school stuff which will be needed soon? My Sam is getting a pink back pack and new felts etc.
just an idea?
And just for the record there would be way more shops in your town than Mitchell!
By the way, you can get kitchen aid stuff in Roma now- I saw it inthe window of a shop called 'georgous'.
merry xmas!

Sharon said...

hmm, I know how that goes too!! I always tend to get a few extra things from the cheapie shop, and if they aren't used, they go in the box for birthday gifts for little friends.
What is your supermarket like? there might be a treasure trove there...lip gloss, nail polish, hair clips/ribbons, a pretty brush - all in a pretty little cosmetic bag?
or whip up some button jewellry just for her! (I know you'd have some crafty stuff stashed away!

foxylady said...

I would just like to say..I remember one Christmas getting out of bed..(after Santa had been)and children sound asleep and shuffling presents cause I worried that one didn't have enough. Truly they just love Christmas and it makes me happy to think you love Christmas and make such an effort..

Marcy said...

OMG your kids in these photos are stunners!!! great photograph gal!