Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Its Been A While!

Since I updated!
Between, my computer virus, christmas and school holidays, my poor little blog has been sadly neglected :(
Well, this year, Mick, the kids and I managed to escape Mundubbera for Christmas, just before the town got flooded. Yep, days before the town was inundated with 19.2m of water, we left for Ballina. Some families in town here had a truly horrid christmas. Some lost everything. So sad.
Whilst in Ballina there was alot of this...
Just hanging with the fam :)
See my sis in law Adele in the foreground? She is about to make christmases a whole lot more fun...only 80 days until my first neice/nephew arrives!
We walked on the wall in between showers of rain and storms.

And Christmas day was full of emotional, sad times. Oh how we missed my mum. So much.

But she was so remembered. I cried when I saw dad's christmas tree. Sitting on top was mum's Santa hat. So perfectly *her*. Pink, sparkly and fabulous.
I also went on christmas day with my family and saw mum's headstone for the first time.

The kids made sure though, that Christmas was full of fun and celebration also!

Trying to get a photo of Sam was almost impossible. He was frantic with the excitemant! Every photo I took is blurry, as he was SO busy!
He actually gave us quite a scare, ending up in hospital a few days before Christmas with his first ever athsma attack. He kept telling the nurses that he couldn't stay, he had to 'get back on the road'. lol
I knew he was better when on his 6th nebuliser treatment, he used the mask to gasp 'Mum, I am your father' Darth Vader style lol
There was an almighty Nerf war that lasted many days....

With casualties. Of course ;)


We spent New Years Eve on Lennox Headland eating fish and chips. Heaven! Such a great view!

And then, we pretty much just hung out by the pool.
(this photo would have to be my fave pic of 2010...I just love it!)
The kids slept well every night! I think Uncle Kimmy might have too ;)

Sam is just starting to make every shot absolutely impossible. I guess it had to happen sooner or
And now we are back to real life, as opposed to the amazing life we shared for a few days in Ballina...

So, from my family to yours....Happy 2011!
Thanks so very much for stopping by!!


Kerryn said...

I was wondering if you'd been affected by the flooding at all. Such a devastating time for so many people.

LOL at the nerf war. Hubby got a new nerf gun (complete with ammo box) for christmas so I was had to dodge bullets constantly.

Thank you for sharing your christmas photos with us. You know I was thinking of you all.

Phrog said...

Yaay, new blog. Good to see you, Mick and the kids for Christmas, a couple of excited kids at Christmas helped make it a bit easier. Good to hear you got home safe hope your water quality improves

Lauren said...

Happy New Year to the Piper clan! Looks like you had a great time away. I was thinking of you all on Christmas Day.

You should bring the kids out for a visit before the holidays end - that's if the road is ok! LOL Or come on a weekend and bring Mick too!

Kate said...

gorgeous photos kirst thanks for sharing what your christmas was like with us. how lovely xox

Felicity said...

looks like a GREAT christmas for you and your family.
Floods :((( we are just going through the whole insurance claim, (water went through our home), but so glad you escaped and got away beofre you were flood bound.
Love love love all your photos. your kids always make me smile.
happy new year

Kylie said...

I now have tears rolling down my must have been a tough Xmas but you and your family have stuck together bravely looking at all those wonderful photos.

Love your entry of the kids too...