Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh my...

I just fell in love.
My brother and his amazing wife got a 3D ultrasound today, and shared the pics and video with us here.
I saw this face, and promptly lost my heart....
I think he/she (no they were mean and didn't get the between the legs *money shot*) looks like Natalie, and that mouth?? Its all my mum's :)
I truly believe that this baby is a gift from my mum(and God of course). He or she will help heal all of us in some small snuggles are the best most soothing thing for my soul.
And, the girls and I decided that he/she looks cute enough NOW, and that he/she should come NOW...not in 2 months time ;) lol
(and then I explained how babies need to cook in mummy's tummies for as long as possible)


Kerryn said...

I can see Auntie Kirsty is going to spoil this little one rotten!!!

Lauren said...

Isn't technology amazing!! And I've gone all clucky!! WT?

How exciting for your family and yep, definately a special gift from above. :)