Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Of Those Weeks...

This week has been one of THOSE weeks at our place. Nothing dreadful happening, just a few little things creeping up and attacking all at once!
Just before Christmas we noticed that our cat was not looking great. Then we got all wrapped up in preparations for Christmas, then we went away...leaving him with our wonderful friend who often looks after our house when we go away. Whenever this lovely lady looks after our cats, we come back to the fattest happiest cats you have ever seen :)
This time however, poor old Super Kitty (yeah, Sam named him...) had lost a LOT of weight and was terribly unwell upon our return.
We took him to the vet, and after some tests made the heart wrenching decision to have him euthanased.
Natalie in particular loved this boy.
She is devastated.
To prevent our other cat getting the same disease, we are now trying to convince him to be an inside cat. All he has done for the past few days (and nights) is cry for his lost friend :( I am soooooo tired! Its like having a baby all over again! lol

We have just recently had our roads re-opened to all of our major centres after a couple of weeks being very isolated. I haven't managed to get the kids back to school uniform shopping done...thankfully my dad stepped in and filled in some of the uniform shopping gaps for me! Some things you just can't buy in town!

Charlotte has been sick, and is now on anit-biotics for tonsilitis. She is NOT a nice patient. She takes being unwell as a personal affront to her person. She also likes to make everyone else as miserable as she feels *sigh*
It has been too hot/humid and midge infested to send the kids outside. So they all have cabin fever.
We lost our internet connection for 3 days, and I have a major uni assignment due on Monday- for which I (obviously) need my internet!
Mick is painting my scrapping room (YAY!!) but this means that the entire contents of my room are spread through our living house looks like a TIP!
Sam is now on permanent medication for his athsma, and we are sorting through all that this now brings.

So as you can see, its not one BIG thing just lots of little things... Obviously, nothing compared to the people who have lost everything in the horrible floods. I am so so thankful to have all these little inconsequential things to whine about. Really I am...I am just feeling overwhelmed!
No point to this post really...I am trying to put more *real* posts here for me to look back on later! Feel free to ignore :)


Alanna said...

Golly gosh... you have had one of those weeks. Hopefully you get a chance to breathe soon :)

Kerryn said...

Sounds like a bit of a sucky week. Hope the next one is better.

danndel said...

Thinking of you, hope things improve soon! Love you.

sharon said...

kirsty, I feel for your poor old superkitty - our ordinary old Kitty had to be put down also last year, was just awful - I walked out of the vet after being told it would take $600+ to "try" and fix him, and rang trevor in tears to have him ring the vet and tell them to put him to sleep - i couldn't do it.
ps. hilarious line about charlotte taking being sick so personally! ;-) make sure you scrap THAT!

and I also know how all of those little things here and there add up to make you feel completely overloaded mentally! go get yourself some chocolate! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Kirst!! As Nanna May often said "You are having a rough trot!!" Things will get better, but sometimes you wish that it would happen NOW!!!! The bright side is sometimes hard to find. I keep looking but it does often elude me!! At least the rain has sort of stopped, the kids will improve and the cat, well!!! good luck with the cat!! I don't have much experience with cats, only a woosie dog. I think the cat will be ok!!!!!! Not sure about my woosie dog who was absolutely scared to death last week by a very small, furry, yappy dog!!! Oh! well, there has to be a message there!!!Wish I knew where it was. Thinking of you and your amazing family often. Suey

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty,
Sorry you have had such a rotton week. Thanks for the headstone photo, I only just got to see it as I have an old fashioned phone that means I have to go on line to see any pictures people send me. It is a lovely photo with beautiful flowers and if your mum was there she would have thought so too. Keep your chin up you have a wonderful family and they will always be there for you. Love Barb.